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80’s Men’s Fashion: Unleashing Street Style of 80’s Fashion

80’s Men’s Fashion, the 1980s was a time of bold and flashy fashion for men. Think bright colors, big hair, and lots of accessories! Popular styles included tight-fitting jeans, oversized jackets with shoulder pads, and colorful shirts often paired with skinny ties. Sneakers and high-top shoes were all the rage, along with aviator sunglasses and chunky jewelry. Iconic figures like Michael Jackson and Prince influenced this era’s fashion, with their unique styles inspiring many. Overall, 80s men’s fashion was all about making a statement and embracing individuality with flair and confidence.

Table of Content:

  • Key Elements of 80’s Men’s Fashion
  • Iconic Clothing Trends of 80’s Men’s Fashion
  • Influential Figures in 80’s Men’s Fashion
  • Popular Styles of 80’s Men’s Fashion
  • Enduring Impact on Contemporary Fashion Trends of 80’s Men’s Fashion


Key Elements of 80’s Men’s Fashion

Bold Colors and Patterns:

The 80’s were all about standing out, with men often wearing bold colors like neon and bright primary shades. Patterns were also prominent, with stripes, checks, and abstract designs becoming a key feature in everyday wear. This love for vibrant hues and eye-catching designs made the era’s fashion truly unique and memorable.

Over sized Outfits:

Clothing in the 80’s favored a looser fit, with over sized blazers, baggy pants, and roomy sweaters being quite popular. This trend was partly influenced by a desire for comfort and partly by the fashion icons of the time. The over sized look added a sense of casual coolness to men’s wardrobes.

Athletic Influence:

Sportswear significantly influenced 80’s fashion, leading to the popularity of tracksuits, sneakers, and athletic jackets. Brands like Adidas and Nike became household names, with their logos often displayed prominently. This trend made sporty clothing a staple in everyday outfits, blending comfort with style.

Accessories and Hairstyles:

Accessories played a big role, with items like aviator sunglasses, leather gloves, and chunky jewelry becoming popular. Hairstyles were equally important, with men sporting voluminous hairdos, often styled with mousse for that extra lift. These elements completed the quintessential 80s look, adding personal flair to each outfit.

Iconic Clothing Trends of 80’s Men’s Fashion

Power Suits:

Power suits were a major trend in 80’s men’s fashion, characterized by broad shoulders and sharp tailoring. These suits often featured bold colors or pinstripes, making a strong statement in the business world. They were typically worn with a bold tie, completing the authoritative look that defined professional attire in the 80’s.

Denim Everywhere:

Denim was a staple of 80’s fashion, with men wearing jeans, jackets, and even denim-on-denim outfits. Acid wash and ripped jeans were especially popular, giving a rebellious edge to casual wear. This trend was versatile and embraced by various subcultures, making denim a go-to choice for many.

Leather Jackets:

Leather jackets became iconic thanks to their association with rock stars and movie heroes. These jackets were often adorned with zippers, studs, and patches, adding to their cool factor. They were a symbol of rebellion and individuality, making them a must-have for any stylish man in the 80’s.

Graphic T-Shirts:

Graphic T-shirts were everywhere, featuring bold prints, band logos, and pop culture references. These shirts allowed men to express their interests and personalities through their clothing. Paired with jeans or shorts, graphic T-shirts were a casual and comfortable option that still made a statement.

Influential Figures in 80’s Men’s Fashion

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson was a major influence on 80’s fashion, known for his unique style that included military jackets, sequined gloves, and fedora hats. His music videos, like “Thriller” and “Beat It,” showcased his iconic looks. Fans worldwide emulated his fashion, making him a trendsetter of the decade.


Prince brought a flamboyant and androgynous style to 80’s fashion, often wearing bold colors, ruffled shirts, and high-heeled boots. His confident mix of masculine and feminine elements made him a fashion icon. Prince’s unique look inspired many to experiment with their own styles, breaking traditional fashion norms.

Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise’s role in “Top Gun” made aviator sunglasses and bomber jackets hugely popular. His cool, casual style in the film influenced many men to adopt similar looks. Cruise’s overall fashion sense, both on and off screen, contributed to his status as a style icon of the 80s.

Popular Styles of 80’s Men’s Fashion

Preppy Style:

The preppy look was very popular in the 80s, characterized by polo shirts, khaki pants, and sweaters tied around the shoulders. This style was inspired by Ivy League colleges and had a clean, polished appearance. Men often completed the look with boat shoes or loafers, making it perfect for casual but classy occasions.

Punk Rock Style:

Punk rock fashion was all about rebellion, featuring leather jackets, ripped jeans, and band T-shirts. Men often accessorized with safety pins, studded belts, and bold hairstyles like mohawks. This edgy style was heavily influenced by the punk music scene and became a symbol of counterculture.

New Wave Style:

New wave fashion brought a futuristic and eclectic vibe with brightly colored suits, skinny ties, and bold patterns. Men embraced synthetic fabrics and often mixed and matched unusual textures and colors. This style was closely linked to the new wave music genre and emphasized individuality and artistic expression.

Enduring Impact on Contemporary Fashion Trends of 80’s Men’s Fashion

Revival of Bold Colors:

The 80s love for bold, vibrant colors continues to influence modern fashion. Neon shades and bright hues are often seen in contemporary streetwear and athletic apparel. This resurgence adds a fun, energetic feel to today’s clothing, echoing the playful spirit of the 80s.

Influence of Athletic Wear:

The integration of athletic wear into everyday fashion, popularized in the 80’s, remains strong. Sneakers, tracksuits, and sporty jackets are staples in contemporary wardrobes. This trend, known as Sporty casuals, combines functionality and style, making it a lasting legacy of 80’s men’s fashion.

Return of Over sized Outfits: Over sized outfits, a hallmark of 80’s fashion, are back in style today. Baggy jeans, loose sweaters, and over sized jackets are popular again, providing comfort and a relaxed look. This trend reflects a modern twist on the 80’s aesthetic, blending nostalgia with current fashion sensibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were popular accessories in 80’s men’s fashion?

In the 80’s, men often wore accessories like aviator sunglasses, leather belts, and chunky jewelry to add flair to their outfits.

What hairstyles were trendy for men in the 80’s?

Popular hairstyles included mullets, voluminous perms, and slicked-back looks with gel or mousse for that extra ’80’s flair.

What were some iconic clothing items from the 80’s?

Iconic items included power suits with broad shoulders, acid-washed denim jeans, leather jackets, and graphic T-shirts with bold prints.

Which celebrities influenced 80’s men’s fashion?

Celebrities like Michael Jackson, Prince, Tom Cruise, and David Bowie were major influencers, each contributing their unique style to the era.

Was there a specific fashion trend that defined the 80’s?

Yes, the 80’s were characterized by bold colors, over sized outfits, and a mix of athletic and preppy styles, creating a vibrant and deriving fashion landscape.


In the 80s, men’s fashion was all about boldness and individuality. From vibrant colors to oversized outfits, every trend made a statement. Influential figures like Michael Jackson and Prince set the stage for daring styles that still inspire today. Whether it was the preppy look or punk rock rebellion, 80s fashion embraced diversity and creativity. Its legacy continues to shape modern trends, reminding us to embrace our unique fashion sense and express ourselves boldly.

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