Vegan Leather

Consuela Bag : A Complete Guide to Quality

Consuela bag have become an increasingly popular purse and handbag choice for their unique style and reputation for durability. If you’re considering a Consuela bag, here’s an overview of their key features, price points, and frequently asked questions to help you decide.



The Story Behind Consuela Bags

Deux Lux promotes fair labor practices and maintains transparency around the materials and production methods used to create Consuela bags. From totes to crossbody bags, Consuela’s line of accessory products continues growing in popularity for modern women on the go needing functional and fashionable purse options.

Why Choose a Consuela Bag? Benefits and Features

What makes Consuela bags stand out from other handbags and purses on the market? Here are some of the core benefits and features that Consuela offers with its products:

High-Quality Vegan Leather

The vegan leather used in Consuela bags has a luxurious look and feel that resembles premium leather at a more affordable price point. The bags utilize manmade materials that remain durable yet gentle on the environment compared to using animal products.

Variety of Sizes and Styles

From small crossbody satchels to oversized totes, Consuela offers handbag styles suitable for daily wear, travel, the office, special events and more. Popular picks include the spacious Dylan Tote and Harper Satchel.

Interior Organization

Details matter when it comes to keeping belongings secure and within easy reach inside a purse or handbag. Many Consuela bag styles offer thoughtfully designed pockets, card slots, lining and other interior access points.

Affordable Cost

Ranging from $38 to $68 USD, Consuela bags offer excellent value for budget-conscious shoppers looking for on-trend bags that can keep up with frequent use.

Responsible Production

In alignment with its ethical principles, Deux Lux utilizes responsible supply chains and production methods to craft its animal-friendly vegan leather bags. This includes obtaining certifications that hold manufacturers accountable.

Consuela Bag Price List

Consuela bag prices currently range from $38-$68 USD online or in stores that sell these popular vegan accessories. Some of the more recently released styles include:

  • Harper Satchel – $48
  • Dylan Tote – $58
  • Lilith Crossbody Bag – $38
  • Nolita Small Flap Bag – $42
  • Solana Grommet Belt Bag – $46
  • Andie Drawstring Bucket Bag – $68

The price reflects both the quality of materials used and workmanship involved in designing for durability. Even Consuela’s more basic $38 crossbody bag styles stand up well to daily use.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Consuela’s line of affordable and stylish vegan leather bags:

Are Consuela bags made from real leather?

No. While the vegan leather looks suitably premium, it uses high-quality manmade materials without any animal products involved in production. This makes the bags animal and environmentally friendly.

Where are Consuela bags manufactured?

According to the brand’s supplied information, Consuela bags are designed in Los Angeles then carefully produced overseas using responsible manufacturers that are held to ethical standards.

Do Consuela bags sell in stores?

Yes. Major national retailers that sell Consuela bags both online and in store locations include Target, Nordstrom, DSW, and TJ Maxx. Availability varies by specific bag style and color.

Do the bags hold up with regular use?

Yes, customers praise both the beauty and durability of Consuela bags. Thanks to quality craftsmanship and materials, they resist tearing or excessive wear from daily use for many months or years when properly cared for.

What is included with my purchase?

Most Consuela bags come neatly packaged in a protective dust bag. Depending on the retailer, this may be placed inside a branded gift box adding to the experience when gifted to a friend or loved one.

In summary,

Consuela bags offer timeless style paired with modern functionality thanks to the brand’s thoughtful design process and transparent production methods catered towards animal-friendly consumers.